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A practical, engaging and immediately useful resource development guide for professional and volunteer fundraisers, which takes the mystery and fear out of fundraising and offers proven strategies to facilitate the generosity of donors.

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(in Hebrew)

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Son of
My Land

Engaging and eye-opening collection of essays which examines Israeli society in all its frustrating yet awe-inspiring complexity, through the penetrating and loving eyes of one of its native sons.

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גיוס תרומות


ספר ראשון מסוגו בשפה העברית המאפשר לימוד פרקטי ומרתק של מדע ואמנות גיוס המשאבים לארגונים ללא מטרות רווח, ומקנה לקוראיו כלים יישומיים ואסטרטגיות בדוקות לגיוס תרומות מוצלח יחד עם המוטיבציה והעוז לבקש תרומה ואף להנות מהדרך.

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(SON OF MY LAND in Hebrew)

אסיפת רשימות נועזת ורהוטה בסגנון ארצישראלי ייחודי הטווה ושוזרת את ההיסטורי והעכשווי, הקולקטיב והאינדיבידואל, הכמיהה לשלום והאבסורד שבמלחמה, הישראלי והאוניברסלי, הכבוד הרב למסורת ישראל ולבוניה, לצידה של ביקורת עצמית נוקבת והארת סוגיות קיומיות.

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Mindful Fundraising During Crisis

At the peak of physical fitness, I found myself abruptly sliding towards disability...

The Best Remedy for When Things Get Tough: Help Others

GalilEat is a boutique company that brings Israelis and people from around the world...


Identity and Belonging

“What would the average Israeli think about this conference?”...

It's a Best Seller!

“Guy, why don’t you write a book about your army service?  Nobody else has ever written a book...


Now It’s Your Turn to Protect and Defend

You were born 19 years ago, during the first months that we lived in Hoshaya...

Planting Seeds

Ultimately, the aim of karate is to make us better people.  In karate, we seek constant improvement...

Prayer, Charity… and Selling a Used Car

Listen, Ali, it’s Ramadan, your holy month.  On the Muslim holiday of Ramadan, as on our Yom Kippur, the Gates of Heaven are wide open and prayers are more likely to be answered...

Teaching Navy Seals to Swim

You want me to teach Chabadniks to fundraise?!  That’s like teaching the Navy Seals how to swim!  They should be teaching me...

The Gift Benefits the Giver more than it Benefits the Recipient

I always considered fundraising to be schnorrering, like begging.  something unworthy, something that diminished my honor

What Would Ima Do?

A couple raises four children.  They wake the children in the morning, check their schoolbags, make sandwiches

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